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M&N Cleaning Service offers a wide range of cleaning services in Birmingham and the West Midlands, including the Industrial and Warehouse sector. We want to provide the businesses from this the best cleaning experience, which is why all our professional cleaners have been trained to accommodate various areas.

At M&N Cleaning Service, we believe that your working environment affects your productivity. A dirty environment can lead to sick employees and affect the overall output of your employees.

The state of your environment affects both your employees' physical and psychological aspects. Because of this, our cleaning professional takes special care in ensuring that all corners of your facilities and work building are cleaned, dusted, and sanitized.

To get the best office cleaning services out there that can swiftly accommodate your needs at a worthwhile price, contact us and get our services today!

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What is Industrial Cleaning Services?

Industrial cleaning services deal with the maintenance and cleaning of different industrial plants, like manufacturing plants and power plants. Professional cleaners will be the ones to ensure that the area is hygienic and clean. They're vital in keeping the site up to the local health codes and safety standards in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Some of the types of industrial plants and businesses that M&N Cleaning Service handles:

  • Plastic Manufacturing Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Oil Refineries
  • Chemical Plants
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Metal Manufacturing Plants

At M&N Cleaning Service, we make sure that all parts of your site are cleaned, sanitized, and ready for operation. You can guarantee that our professional cleaners have been trained to ensure that your business will comply with Birmingham and the West Midlands local laws when it comes to cleaning these facilities.

What is Warehouse Cleaning Services?

Warehouse cleaning services are specialized cleaning solutions for storage facilities where stocks and products are being contained for the time being. Our professional cleaners are trained to clean and sanitize every nook and cranny within these facilities. It's to ensure the facilities are free of contaminants that could affect the safety of your employees and the quality of your products.

Types of warehouse facilities that M&N Cleaning Service caters to:

  • Distribution Center
  • Pick, Pack, & Ship Warehouse
  • Smart Warehouse
  • Cold Storage
  • On-demand Storage
  • Bonded Warehouse

All of our employees at M&N Cleaning Service have been trained in accommodating various levels of cleaning procedures. So you can trust the quality of cleaning services that we offer when it comes to warehouse cleaning that it's always of a high standard.

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Should You Hire These Types of Cleaning Services for Your Warehouse and Industrial Plants?

There are various reasons you should hire cleaning services for cleaning and maintaining warehouses and industrial plants. You can be assured that before a cleaning company has been accredited and certified by the local Birmingham and West Midlands, they have undergone the necessary training and evaluations. Warehouses and industrial plants can have hazardous materials that require special care to ensure that the employees and the facilities are clean and safe.

You may hire janitors to clean these facilities. However, they may lack the training and expertise in properly cleaning and disposing of toxic chemicals and other waste materials. They have also been taught how to effectively use cleaning equipment to have the site clean and ready for occupation. Because of this, many businesses prefer seeking out cleaning services that specialize in these sectors.

Also, professional cleaning services have wide knowledge on how to provide various cleaning services, such as cleaning commercial windows or disposing of hazardous waste from the facility.

Whether it's industrial cleaning services or warehouse cleaning services, our cleaning company will be able to tailor a cleaning program based on your needs and preferences. With M&N Cleaning Service, you can rest easy knowing that your cleaning needs are in good hands as we can provide various forms of cleaning services under this program.

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The Benefits of Hiring M&N for Cleaning Services for Industrial and Warehouse Cleaning

At M&N Cleaning service, we give the best customer experience through our different cleaning programs and our expertise. Because of this, we have dedicated ourselves to ensuring that all businesses and private clients in Birmingham and the West Midlands gain more for what their money's worth. To give you an idea of why you should consider partnering up with us for all your industrial and warehouse cleaning, we've listed below the benefits of availing of our services.

Affordable Industrial Cleaning Services and Warehouse Cleaning Services

As one of the most affordable cleaning companies in Birmingham and the West Midlands, M&N Cleaning Service is dedicated to having our services at a competitive price. We live by a mission to provide great quality cleaning services at a reasonable price and within the budget of the businesses and private clients we work with. We believe that regardless of the size of the site or establishment, our professional cleaners will be able to handle it at a price that is within your budget.

Our industrial and warehouse cleaning company offer a wide range of price selection for you to choose from. But even if we provide our services at a competitive price, we will never compromise the quality of our cleaning solutions. It's because we understand that poor-quality cleaning solutions become costly in the long run. Because of this, we see to it that every cleaning project is done right.

With M&N Cleaning Service, every penny spent is a worthy investment

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Flexible Industrial Cleaning Services and Warehouse Cleaning Service

At M&N Cleaning Service, we pride ourselves on being flexible and adapting our cleaning programs to the needs of our clients. We believe that no one knows the cleaning issues and problems of a warehouse or industrial plant better than the owner. Due to this, we are very open to hearing your remarks or concerns regarding the cleanliness of your facility and how you would want it to be cleaned.

We want to foster a long-term partnership with Birmingham and the West Midlands' industrial and warehouse sector. Because of this, we take the time to educate and train our professional cleaners on the different techniques and methods in cleaning and disposing of this sector's dirt, grime, and waste. You can modify parts of our program based on what suits your business's needs, like cleaning schedules and cleaning products to use.

It's because, at M&N Cleaning Service, you know what's good for your business. Our goal is to provide advice and options on making your working environment clean and safe for your staff and your customers.

Standardized Industrial Cleaning Services and Warehouse Cleaning Service

M&N Cleaning Service aims to provide the best industrial and warehouse cleaning program. Because of this, all our professional cleaners strictly follow procedures ensuring their safety and keeping the establishment in order. We have taught them to know all the basic and specialized procedures for whatever cleaning solution they will provide.

For this reason, we always ensure that regardless of who the cleaner is, we guarantee that the quality of cleanliness and sanitation are of high quality. This is another reason why M&N Cleaning Service is accredited and certified by local and international standardization institutions.

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Fast Industrial Cleaning Services and Warehouse Cleaning Service

As mentioned, many businesses lose productivity due to poor maintenance in the cleanliness and hygiene of the office. Sick employees lead to power performance in output. But commercial establishments and offices cannot close down their establishments.

Because of this, we swiftly conduct our office cleaning services as quickly as possible so that your clients can immediately accommodate the establishments. The employees of M&N Cleaning Service are required to clock in at the designated time of your cleaning program's schedule. They will also finish their cleaning task on time.

We understand that every minute that an establishment isn't being occupied and fully operational, it delays your business's income. For this, we always make sure that our professional cleaners always arrive and end on time.

What is Part of Our Cleaning Services for Industrial Plants and Warehouses

Because we have already established the benefits of hiring M&N Cleaning Service and what makes us different from other cleaning services in the industrial and warehouse sector. We've listed below some of the services you can expect from us under our industrial warehouse cleaning services.

Asbestos Removal service

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a toxic chemical that prolonged exposure to it can lead to lung cancer and mesothelioma. In the past, it was widely used in the manufacturing industry. Because of this, many old establishments have them. For this reason, you will need the assistance of professional cleaning services as they would know how to properly remove this toxic waste and dispose of it properly.

With M&N Cleaning Service, you can trust that we will be able to remove asbestos from your industrial plant or warehouse. All of our professional cleaners have been trained on how to handle the cleaning and sanitizing of areas containing asbestos and their proper waste disposal.

Hydroblasting cleaning service


It's a cleaning technique that uses the force of water striking hard surfaces to clean off any stubborn dirt and grime in any facility. It doesn't use abrasives, leading to no problems with dust pollution or disposal of abrasives spent just to clean an area.

The perks of hydro blasting are that it doesn't use harmful chemicals, so it doesn't damage the environment. It's an efficient and quick way of cleaning a surface area. And it doesn't cause serious damage to the area it's cleaning even though it uses the force of water to accomplish this.

Lead removal service

Lead Removal & Abatement

It's the process of using chemicals to clean and break down the coatings that contain lead and lead-based derivatives. Due to this, it's vital that you hire industrial cleaning services as they are the only ones accredited to utilize abatement products. Their professional cleaners are also trained on the proper procedure for cleaning up and disposing of toxic materials.

At M&N Cleaning Service, we take great strides in ensuring that the area where lead is found will be able to remove large quantities of it as much as possible. Being exposed to high levels of lead has been documented to cause anemia, brain and kidney damage. It can leave you feeling weak, which is why we take this very seriously.

Mercury removal service

Mercury Spill Cleanup

Mercury is very toxic, and not properly cleaning it could lead to mercury vapors in the area where the lead occurred. This usually happens at industrial facilities and warehouses. For this very reason, many seek out the expertise of professional cleaning services to handle this issue.

Mercury poisoning is very problematic because, as mentioned, Mercury can turn into vapors, which the lungs will absorb. It can cause a wide range of problems like mood swings, insomnia, tremors, neuromuscular changes, headaches, and more.

Mold removal service

Mold Removal & Remediation

Mold may not seem like it would cause a lot of harm, but exposure to it can lead to sore throat, headaches, coughing, watery eyes, runny nose, fatigue, and asthma attacks. Prolonged exposure to it can lead to severe infections and could negatively affect your immune system. Because of this, like with the other chemical removal service mentioned, we take the cleaning and sanitizing of mold in your facilities seriously.

As part of our mold, removal also includes remediation to prevent any mold from developing again. After inspecting the area, it will evaluate the situation and conduct the necessary process to ensure the growth of any other undetected mold.

Decontamination Cleaning service


For any chemical and waste materials that have spilled, splattered, and scattered around the industrial plant and warehouse, the cleaning program of M&N Cleaning Service also includes sanitizing and decontaminating the areas where the chemicals and waste material were located. Our professional cleaners are fully equipped to handle a wide variety of chemicals and trained to clean and dispose of them.

At M&N Cleaning Service, our industrial plant cleaning services and warehouse cleaning services are all accredited by the International Organization for Standardizations (ISO) and by local governing bodies to provide cleaning solutions for this sector. You can trust that we will get the job done effectively and quickly.

Vacuum cleaning

Industrial Vacuuming

Industrial vacuuming involves professional cleaners vacuuming dust particles, dry and wet filings and chippings, and other suspended substances with the use of vacuum apparatus that works under low airflow.

Tube cleaning service

Tube cleaning

Tube cleaning solutions are the process of cleaning and maintaining the industrial tubes and pipelines within an industrial plant. It's part of the cleaning program as there are times when objects or certain contents stop the tube's flow. Many things can get stuck in these tubings, such as slime, shells, and mud leading to poor performance.

This cleaning method is cost-effective as it ensures that your tubes are always working properly. This type of industrial cleaning service will help your plant be more efficient as it unclogs the heat exchanger and condenser tubing.

Tank cleaning service

Tank cleaning

Tanks can be found in industrial plants, warehouses, and other sectors of society. If not properly maintained, it could accumulate harmful substances over time, such as acids and alkaline. If you're using a tank for water supply, not properly maintaining the cleanliness could lead to algae build-up and the proliferation of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that can cause numerous health problems for anyone who ingests the water.

Due to this, at M&N Cleaning Service, we usually suggest that when cleaning tanks, all operations should stop so that our professional cleaners can properly sanitize and clean them. This can occur during the weekends when the plant isn't fully operational or at nighttime. It's important to dedicate time to cleaning the tubes every other month to prevent water contamination.

Waste disposal warehouse cleaning service

Disposal of Waste Materials

The UK has various ways of disposing of waste materials from industrial plants and warehouses. It will depend on the type of waste your industrial plant and warehouse will be disposing of, as there are various disposal methods such as incineration, composting, and landfills.

At M&N Cleaning Service, our cleaning professionals have been trained to handle the disposal of these industrial wastes. In every step of either the industrial plant cleaning services or warehouse cleaning services, we will ensure that everything goes smoothly and in line with the values of Birmingham's local waste management policies and the West Midlands.