Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Commercial kitchen cleaning services involve any business and commercial establishment that utilizes the kitchen, like bakeries, caterings, cafeterias, cafes, office kitchens, and more. M&N Cleaning Service wants to provide people with the best commercial kitchen cleaning services in Birmingham and the West Midlands. We can guarantee that our cleaning programs are top-quality through our certified cleaners.

With M&N Cleaning Service, you can trust that when it comes to sanitizing and cleaning the area where you prep and cook for meals, pastries, and other food-related items, we will always get the job done. Our professional cleaners have been trained in implementing their knowledge of using cleaning techniques and materials.

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Domestic Kitchen cleaning

What Differentiates Domestic Kitchen Cleaning from Commercial Kitchen Cleaning?

You might be thinking, all kitchen cleaning is the same, right? But it's not the same. A commercial and domestic kitchen setup is assembled and composed of different parts.

Domestic kitchens are usually already assembled within a house, and the homeowner doesn't need to upgrade and reassemble the components. The standard kitchen has a sink, fridge, cabinets and drawers, gas stove and oven, and refrigerator. Due to its size, it's not fit to accommodate huge food production, unlike a commercial one.

Commercial ones, on the other hand, are usually very large. They don't usually come out already installed and part of the establishment. Because of this, restaurant owners will have to assemble all the commercial kitchen parts.

Most commercial kitchens are usually made of the walk-in or large freezer, grill, range, deep fryer, commercial oven, cabinets, fire extinguisher, and more. There are many more regulations placed on commercial kitchens, like ventilation and fire safety. For this reason, commercial kitchens have more appliances and equipment to ensure the safety of restaurant patrons.

Due to how distinct commercial kitchens are from domestic ones, we've set out to implement commercial kitchen cleaning services to ensure that M&N Cleaning Service is providing the best services for all forms of food-related businesses in Birmingham and the West Midlands.

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What Makes M&N Cleaning Service Different from other Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services in Birmingham and the West Midlands?

What differentiates M&N Cleaning Service from other cleaning services out there is that we are always on the lookout for new innovative ways to improve our services to give our customers the best cleaning experience. M&N Cleaning Service has been awarded the best cleaning company in Birmingham and the West Midlands for several years in a row because of our determination to be the best in providing cleaning solutions.

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At M&N Cleaning Service, we believe that all businesses, regardless of their size, deserve high-quality cleaning services. Because of this, we make sure to provide our customers with affordable and flexible cleaning solutions. You can trust that M&N Cleaning Service will have it deep cleaned and sanitized for businesses heavily relying on commercial kitchens. We offer our cleaning solutions to all food-related businesses, like bakeries, cafes, pastry shops, restaurants, catering, and more

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The Benefits in Hiring M&N Cleaning Service for Your Commercial Kitchen

With M&N Cleaning Service, you can rely on us to always get the job done. We've listed the following benefits and reasons why you should contact us today :

Affordable Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

At M&N Cleaning Service, we believe that all businesses have the potential to become the best if they have the right environment and cleanliness. Because of this, we sought to provide several food-based businesses with the most affordable commercial kitchen cleaning services in the market.

With M&N Cleaning Service, we seek to ensure that even though we're more affordable than the average cleaning company, it never compromises the quality we put into our cleaning solutions. Our cleaning solutions help provide high–quality services to ensure that their kitchens are deep cleaned and sanitized to be ready for any health inspections.

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Flexible Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

We understand that each business is unique. No two businesses are alike, especially when it comes to the production of food. Because of this, M&N Cleaning Service is the cleaning company you can rely on to accommodate your business's needs. We also offer cruelty-free and environmental-friendly cleaning products in all our services.

At M&N Cleaning Service, you can guarantee that whatever you want to be included in your commercial kitchen cleaning services, we will provide from cleaning materials used to the schedule of our services. Your business is our top priority when we implement our cleaning programs. We also offer consultations and explain how we will proceed to clean your kitchens because we want to establish transparency and trust with all of our customers.

Standardized Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

M&N Cleaning Service always aims to provide the best commercial kitchen cleaning services. Because of this, we ensure that regardless of the professional cleaner, all our services are standardized and the same across different industries.

You might be wondering how M&N Cleaning Service provides standardized cleaning solutions with such flexible plans and programs? It's because our cleaning company has been accredited and certified by international and local standardization institutions. Regardless of the request of our clients, you can guarantee that we will still provide them with the same top-quality cleaning solutions.

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Fast Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

At M&N Cleaning Service, we understand that our clients are busy people. Every minute that the kitchen is not fully operational is money wasted. Because of this, we will always see to it that when we implement our services, we handle them as swiftly as possible.

We make sure that all of our professional cleaners can efficiently handle the cleaning solutions because they were taught different techniques to ensure all parts of your kitchen are clean. And you don't have to worry about the cleaning materials because M&N Cleaning Service always comes prepared when we're implementing our cleaning programs.

What Kind of Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services Can You Expect from Us?

If you want to learn more about what M&N Cleaning Service can do for your business, we've listed a couple of our cleaning solutions as part of our commercial kitchen cleaning services:

Deep cleaning services

Commercial Deep Cleaning

When it comes to food businesses, we understand how crucial it is to have hygienic and clean commercial kitchens. Because of this, M&N Cleaning Service offers commercial deep cleaning to our commercial kitchen cleaning services.

Usually, when it comes to deep cleaning in the commercial setting, it's for offices. Deep cleaning is more comprehensive compared to the usual commercial kitchen cleaning services. Every aspect of the commercial kitchen, from its appliances to the fixtures up to the ceiling and ventilation, is cleaned, dusted, sanitized, and wiped off any dust, grime, and other filth. You can include this into your cleaning plan quarterly or every other month to ensure that your commercial kitchen is ready for any surprise inspections.

Oven cleaning service

Oven and Stove Cleaning

Oven and Stove Cleaning is another aspect of our cleaning solutions that we offer food businesses. As the most used part within a commercial kitchen, we make sure that once we implement our services, it will look as new.

There are several benefits in commercial oven and stove cleaning:

  • It improves the taste and quality of the food because the oven and stove can now properly distribute fire. It clears out any gunk and tar, causing the fire to not spread out the heat equally throughout the oven and stove.
  • By thoroughly cleaning your oven, you're preventing any food poisoning. Even though the heat will most likely incinerate most bacteria and pathogens, there are still heat-resistant ones that will contaminate the food. A lot of bits of food can get left behind and get stuck in the burner and oven.
  • Cleaning your ovens and stoves can potentially save you from dealing with hazardous fires. Through cleaning them, you can immediately catch any defects that could cause fires and prevent accidents.
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Food Storage and Freezer Cleaning

At M&N Cleaning Service, you can trust that we will ensure that all aspects of your food storage and freezer are cleaned of any food waste and dirt. For freezer and cold storage, we defrost these and scrub the insides and outsides of any filth. We will inspect every aspect of the cold storage to ensure that none of its parts are malfunctioning, and if we catch any defects, we will inform you right away.

When it comes to food storage, it includes the cabinets, drawers, pantry, and part of the kitchen where food and produce are being kept. We will see to it that it doesn't contain any rotten bits of food, crumbs, dust, and dirt. Keeping your storage clean prevents food and raw produce from rotting right away.

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Griller and Fryer Cleaning

Grillers and Fryers can be hard to clean on your own as it's where the fattiest and oiliest of dishes and delicacies are prepared. If not cleaned properly, it could lead to the cooking apparatus not being at its top quality and could possibly contaminate the food.

With M&N Cleaning Service, you can trust that we will ensure that your grillers and fryers are scrubbed of any grime, soot, and filth. By cleaning grillers and fryers, you are enhancing the quality of your food as it can properly heat and it doesn't mix any gunk with the food. Because aside from ovens and stoves, they are the most used parts of the kitchen, which is why it's vital to keep them clean as often as possible.

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Dishwasher and Sink Cleaning

Dishwashers and sinks are the areas of the commercial kitchen that are one of the busiest. For this type of kitchen, it's common to find multiple sinks. Because of this, we make sure to thoroughly clean sinks because this is where employees sanitize themselves and the cooking tools.

Some commercial kitchens also have dishwashers, and their size will depend on the size and type of food business. Not properly cleaning your dishwashers could lead to clogs and bits of dirt in them that could affect their overall performance. For this very reason, we include in our commercial kitchen cleaning services the sanitization of dishwashers and sinks.

Janitorial cleaning

Janitorial Cleaning

At M&N Cleaning Services, we want the food businesses in Birmingham and the West Midlands to not worry much about the nitty-gritty aspect of cleaning and maintaining their businesses. Due to this, we offer janitorial cleaning as part of our commercial kitchen cleaning services. We believe that it's enough to have thorough quarterly cleaning to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of any business, especially in the food industry.

With our commercial kitchen cleaning services, we can assure you that our cleaning employees will do their tasks as efficiently and swiftly as possible. All of our janitors have undergone thorough background checks and training to ensure that they are trustworthy individuals who are professional in the way they handle their job. Not only that but our janitors are equipped with the knowledge of different cleaning techniques and in using various advanced cleaning technology.