Should you hire professionals for construction cleaning services?

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You might have a construction business and might have thought to yourself at some point if you should hire construction cleaning services to make the cleaning process run faster.

But is it worth it?
Today we'll discuss the benefits of hiring construction cleaning, what is typically part of it, and the process that gets into cleaning a construction site.

What is construction site cleaning?

Construction site cleaning is the process of removing and cleaning any debris or garbage left from construction. Later on, we will discuss the phases of post construction cleaning up.
Some construction companies hire cleanup services because of their contract with their clients that part of their project will involve finding and hiring cleaning companies to handle it.
Another reason construction companies hire this type of cleaning service is that they don't have enough time or manpower to take care of this phase of construction.

Benefits of Hiring Construction Cleaning Services

I have listed some benefits in hiring construction cleaning services if you ever plan to look into fast and safe professional cleaning, as follows:

  • Collaborating with a professional service ensures that the construction site will be cleaner and safer.
  • These services are usually very detail oriented, which guarantees that the newly constructed building will be ready for opening.
  • It's more efficient for them to have someone else be in charge of the cleaning process.
  • You don't have to worry about the waste disposal and management of all the debris after construction.
  • Professional cleaners are trained in searching and cleaning constructions, especially those areas that aren't easily detectable that your workers might overlook.
  • By hiring professionals to do the post construction cleaning, your clients will appreciate how clean and orderly the building looks after construction.

These are just some of the benefits of hiring professional construction cleaning. A type of commercial cleaning service, you know that all their employees have been trained to handle any messes, garbage, and debris from the construction site when it comes to post construction cleaning.

If you want to learn more about commercial cleaning, we discussed in our previous article on local commercial cleaning services wherein it explained what made this type of cleaning service different and the benefits of hiring one.

What's included in post construction cleaning?

I know it may sound like a cop-out, but it all depends on the type of construction that you've conducted. We will discuss the different phases later on.

But how would you know that you're getting the most out of your money?

Not to worry, because I have written a checklist on what you should look out for when hiring professionals to do post construction clean up.

Outdoor Spaces or Landscaping

The cleanliness of the exterior part of the building is important because it will be the first one that visitors notice when they come to the newly constructed building. You can evaluate if they have properly cleaned the outdoor spaces of the building if they

  • They have removed all garbage and properly disposed of it.
  • They have swept and washed the walkways of dust.
  • They have swept and wiped the patios, porches, and decks.

Entrances and Exits

When you're inspecting the entrances and exits of your building after it has been cleaned, it is important to have a keen eye on this because it will be the first thing that property owners will notice inside their property.

  • The doors, which include the door frame and door knobs, must be dust-free.
  • The exterior lights should be dusted.
  • Re-check if the lights are still working.
  • The windows are wiped down.
  • The entranceways have been swept.

Common Areas or Living Room

This section of the building must be clean and free of debris. Like every part of the newly constructed building, it should have no construction signs and must look like it's ready to be occupied.

  • Garbage should have already been removed from the premises.
  • The floors have to be swept, mopped, and vacuumed.
  • All the lights are dust free and running properly.
  • The door frame and door knobs have been wiped.
  • The windows, window tracks, and window sills should have been wiped off of any dust.
  • There shouldn't be any paint drops on the floor.
  • The walls shouldn't have any scuff marks.

Bedroom or Workspace

Whether it's a bedroom or a workspace, the task of professional cleaners must ensure that the room is clean and organized.

  • The closets are cleaned.
  • The light fixtures and ceiling fans have been dusted.
  • The baseboards, shelves, and grates have been dusted or wiped.
  • The cleaner should have removed any paint from the hinges.


Despite bathrooms usually being smaller compared to other rooms within a building, you must ensure that it should be cleaned and everything is functioning well.

  • All garbage should have been removed and disposed of.
  • The tubs, sinks, toilets, and showers should be sanitized.
  • The mirrors, counters, and cabinets should be wiped off any dust.
  • Floors should be swept, vacuumed, or mopped.
  • The inside of cabinets and drawers should be cleaned.
  • The windows, light fixtures, baseboards, door frames, and doorknobs should be dust free.


Kitchens have crevices and spaces that are often overlooked. So the professional cleaners assigned in ensuring that the new building is ready to be occupied must make sure that everything about the kitchen is in order.

  • Garbage has already been disposed of.
  • The shelves and counters must be dusted.
  • The inside of cabinets and drawers should be clean.
  • The cabinet hardware should be secured and cleaned out.
  • The floors were swept, vacuumed, or mopped.
  • Dusted windows, window tracks, and window sills.
  • The sink and backsplashes have been cleaned.
  • All fixtures and finishes should have been wiped down.

What are the phases of post construction cleaning?

When it comes to post construction cleaning, it consists of three phases. I have listed the following:

1.Rough Clean

Although not many construction sites would require rough cleaning, it is still required to a certain degree. It involves removing hazardous materials and garbage from the site. Professional cleaners will need to clean the concrete or plywood floors to ensure 

2. Final Interior Clean Updated-Bathroom-Home

Once the installation is finished, professional cleaners will need to thoroughly clean the inside of the building or house. Since we've already had a run-down of this, I will not go in-depth with this phase.

3. Exterior Clean

The outside of your building or house should reflect the cleanliness of the indoors. It will be one of the things about your establishment that visitors will immediately notice. All of this should be cleared off and cleaned from scratches on the walls to some paint dried on the floor.

"Hiring professionals to handle post-construction cleanup not only ensures that the work being done is handled properly, but it saves you a lot of time. Hopefully, with the suggestions and tips I've written in this article, you'll be able to find the right professionals for your company."